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Our five festive scents together in a handmade, beautiful gift box; finished with wood wool, vellum paper and a branded label.

The box will include our five festive scents in the mini 60ml size (51mmx 51mm).

Scents included:

Clementine & Clove; satsuma, grated nutmeg, patchouli

Squeezed bitter oranges fill the air with a burst of fresh citrus as the top notes disperse. The fresh invigorating fragrance of clementines is warmed by the sprinkling of spices to create a cosy climate. Grated nutmeg, cinnamon and clove wrap you a warm blanket as you watch the raw weather through the window. The sweet and earthy base notes slowly drift and compliment the tangy satsumas. 

Spruce; pine needle, eucalyptus, evergreen

A true fresh blue spruce evergreen scent, emitting crisp notes of pine needle and cedarwood. A beautiful balsamic fragrance that will transport you to a forestry of pine, spruce and fir trees all standing tall dusted in powdery snow. You rub your hands on the branches as you stroll past you deeply inhale the euphoric aroma of each and every tree. This enchanting fragrance can be used year round for a truly mountain fresh home or saved for the winter months.

Winter Spice; dried orange, grated nutmeg, rich warm spices

It has been described by our customers as Christmas in a jar. Winter spice is the epitome of the festive season, bursting with warmed spices and sherry soaked oranges. A stunning, spiced, winter composition with comforting notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove underpinned by glazed orange. On dark, cold evenings winter spice will turn your home in to a toasty, cosy habitat ready for thick cashmere socks and hot soothing drinks.  A multi-layered fragrance that will take you on a journey from the first burn to the last resulting in nothing but relaxation.

Gingerbread; ginger, vanilla pod, tonic bean

Instantly transform your habitat in to a home-bake haven with the scent of freshly baked gingerbread. This fragrance will travel through the entire house giving you a warm, cosy hug on it’s travels. Breathe in the soothing scent of crystallised ginger, fresh vanilla and tonka bean and relax in the toasty aroma. This authentic fragrance is like no other gingerbread. The slight spice of anise and clove compliment the sweetness of the Muscovado resulting in a truly tasteful fragrance. 

Figgy Pudding; satsuma, toasted almond, vanilla pod

As you pull on your festive oven gloves, carefully open the oven and take out your freshly baked Christmas cake the warm sweet scent of glazed fruits and toasted almonds encases you. The subtle hints of spices will transform your home in to a snug, cosy space for you and your family. This fragrance instantly opens with a nuttiness of freshly baked goods before relaxing in to a comforting aroma of fresh spices with English pears, fresh figs and sultanas. This truly authentic pudding scent is moreish from the first burn. 


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