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Traditional Stoneware Wax Melter – Half Dipped White



Our stoneware wax melters are handmade in our home county Yorkshire. Each design made in small batches, focussing on natural, simplistic beauty to compliment any home.

This design is a solid one piece burner with the embers & roots logo stamped on top and a small hole in the back to control the heat. Simply pop an unscented tealight in the main large hole at the front and place a wax melt on the top and relax while the burner gets to work. This design has been half dipped in a white glaze with the base remaining raw. The glazed section is smooth to touch in contrast to the sand like raw stoneware on the base. Once you have finished with your wax melt wait for the container to cool and remove the wax and wipe clean before starting again.

All our wax melters are a minimum safe height of 11cm. This height is considered to be the minimum height for a traditional wax melter to be safe.

Height: 11cm: Material: Stoneware: Colour: Natural & White: Warning: do not touch when in use the container will get hot. Keep out of reach of children & pets.

This is for the wax melter only: wax melts, tealights & gift sets sold separately


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