The Perfect Woodland Wedding

Jul 1, 2017 | blog

It became the fastest growing wedding theme in 2016 and quickly moved in to 2017.

The woodland wedding theme has a wonderful back-to-nature feel and gives the bride the opportunity to get in touch with her inner decor goddess. This theme can be good for the couple on a budget, if done right, as many things can be DIY.

If you are going to DIY some items yourself, make sure you factor time in your schedule to do this.

This theme has a lot of miles in it, so you can really go to town on the finishing touches. People and guests will find this theme calming and fascinating when taking in all the details… think Midsummer Nights Dream.

Save the date & Invitations

There are some fantastic designers out there that can create weird and wonderful designs. You can create a simple paper design or one that has a pop-up element or why not go the whole hog and have wooden save the dates and invitations.

Invitations and save the dates will inevitably get lost by some of your invitees, sending out magnets could eliminate part of this problem as most will probably stick it on the fridge!


The authentic venues for this theme are the ones that are based outside. We have seen fantastic converted barns, tipi’s and open fields decorated with Prosecco cart’s, converted camper vans, gin stands and cocktail stations. Remember to factor in the weather, it’s unpredictable in the UK so maybe think about shelter.

Some hotels cater well for this theme, mainly those based in rural areas. The positive is you will have shelter from the unpredictable weather however, most hotels tie you in to their drinks package which can be expensive. Some hotels will allow you to bring portable drinks stands if you pay corkage (this can range from reasonable to ridiculous).

Dress & Veil

Choose the dress you are in love with, but possibly look at accessories to build on your theme. Headpieces can look fantastic rather than a veil. We love a full flower headpiece as well as this designer (affordable, mystical, unusual, Game of Thrones chic are just a few words that spring to mind when we look at these headpieces).


This theme is all abut the lighting. Use t-lights & candles everywhere you can. Not only do they create a gorgeous ambiance and glow as soon as dusk arrives, but they also make the whole place look magical.

Don’t forget height as well as tables for using candles, hang them from trees or surrounding objects. Fairy lights can also be breathtaking and fairly cheap (depending how many you buy!)

As an alternative you can get fake candles that are battery powered, we don’t think they have quite the same effect but they are safer.

We are just going to throw this one out there – chandelier… they are costly but also eye catching. We have seen some pretty good DIY ones using large wooden wheels with lights wrapped around.


If your ceremony is going to take place outside then consider a wedding arch, something rustic and unfinished like twigs combined together is effective or a full floral arch is stunningly beautiful (your wallet won’t think so).

Aisle markers are extremely striking at a woodland wedding, we are a fan of the shepherd hook isle markers and you can pick these up pretty cheap. You can hang mason jars with flowers or candles in.

Milk urns look lovely as isle markers, but are more costly. If you can’t afford to have them as isle markers a few used as room decor would look fabulous.

Flowers make a ceremony look extremely beautiful. The positive for this theme is some of the low cost flowers really suit the theme well, such as wild flowers.

Table Decor

This is where you can add lots of finishing touches.


The current craze is using wooden tree slabs as centrepieces and place candles, table numbers or flowers on top. This can be cost effective if you search for a good provider. If you are doing this yourself, search in to treating the wood and crack prevention.
Shallow wooden crates filled with flowers also look stunning. It would depend how large your tables are as to how large your centrepiece should be.

Moss is a foliage that is low on cost and extremely effective when used as part of a centrepiece. What says woodland more than moss?

Large 3 wick candles are fabulous centrepieces – try getting wooden wicks that crackle when they burn too.

Vintage bottles

– you can buy these pretty cheap and they look eye-catching, especially when sporting individual flowers. They don’t have to be matching or brand new, you can pick them up from vintage and charity shops.
Table Runners
The cheaper option here is obviously using hessian. It is effective, very rustic and cost effective. If you want to add a bit of luxe to the theme try a glitter/ sequin table runner, rose gold fits in nicely as colour or try 2017 Pantone colour Greenery.

Place names, Menus, Table Numbers

You can have the name of each individual guest cutout of wood to use as a place name and they can also double up as a favour. If you really want to get in to the woodland theme have the place names as woodland animals.
You could have all your stationery made using wood including the table numbers, menus and table plan. If you don’t fancy wood, you can have all your stationery printed to suit the theme.

Table Confetti

Personalised wooden table confetti is pretty low cost and adds a special touch to your table decor, we bet a few people will take it home too.

Top Table

Your top table should be eye catching. Have a personalised sign crafted to say “Top Table” and “reserved” tags or bride and groom signs for the chairs, again these could also be favours as we guarantee the guests will take them home.
Be careful if you are going to use large vintage candelabras, make sure they are not blocking the view of guests.


This will definitely come down to budget. Some couples factor a higher budget than others. We have known people factor as little as 15p per person on a wedding favour. So here is just a few ideas for favours that will suit this theme, as we feel this needs a blog all on its own.
Engraved shot glasses

Wooden pencils



Bottle openers

Plant seeds

Small plants

If you are trying to budget there is the option of doing a wedding favour display, because let’s face it not everyone takes one and some favours are tailored more towards woman than men… the candle for example – women are more likely to grab one of these and stuff it in the hand bag.

Room Decor

The secret to making a room look spectacular when you walk in … is height. Your decor should range from the floor to the ceiling and not just remain at eye level.

A way of doing this is to use things like balloons, bunting and flowers. Arches, albeit can be quite costly, are effective and draws your attention.

Personalised bunting can be hung everywhere, your drinks carts, tables, stages, trees… you get the gist.

Candy Carts/ Drink Stations & Bites to Eat

Having your own drinks stations, cake display and sweets carts will definitely help bring the theme together. Throw in a few beer barrels for tables and hay stacks for seating and you’re pretty much there. This cart is from our hire page here, it can be used for Prosecco, Gin, Beer, Wine, any booze you name it.

At this point we want to emphasise we do not get paid by any company to promote or endorse them, we simply take off our crowns off and recommend who we think are good… and let us tell you, at the time of writing this article the Mother Shuckers are good.

We first tried their Oysters at the Most Curious wedding fair 2017 (also well worth a visit) and they are to die for. We even managed to convince a friend who claimed to hate oysters to try one, and her response, “mmmmmm they don’t taste how they look they are delicious.” There were a number of mini toppings to add to the oysters, a firm favourite was the shallot vinaigrette, and they were simply so fresh.

For something different, an Oyster Bar teamed with a Champagne or Prosecco cart is a winner for a post ceremony – pre evening dinner snack. Thank us later.

Guest Books

These can now be more than just a book, they have come on a long way. If you fancy some wall art to have as a memento after your wedding you can now buy large pieces of wood and have your guests write a small messages. Bear in mind not everyone has neat handwriting.
We have seen jars that have wooden pieces with messages slotted in, or small trees you hang messages from. Don’t forget a small sign for the table that says “Guest Book” so people don’t miss it.

Signs & Programme/ Order of Events

Make it known from the minute guests arrive that it’s a woodland wedding by using a large wooden sign with flowers placed over the top.
Arrow signs are fantastic at guiding guests and also look rustic as hell. You can always make your own signs to help on costs. Chalkboard paint is cost effective and you can buy white chalk board markers or chalk to write on them.

Cute quote signs go down well as they make people laugh and also create props for photo opportunities.

Gift Table & Card Box

Don’t forget to make it clear to guests where they should place their gifts and cards. It is usually the first thing that they want to get rid of.

Bar Menu & Cocktail List

We are definitely a fan of a personalised bar menu for your wedding. We have a blog with loads of cocktail ideas for you. Create signs that tell the guests what’s on offer and make it fun. Bride recommends the Porn Star Martini while the groom recommends the Screwdriver. Take a look at our Blog on the top Prosecco cocktails of 2017.

Memories Station

This idea probably appeals more to the sentimental bride and groom. If you want to get your guests involved in your memories and family then a dedicated area to this can be interesting. You can place photographs of family members that are no longer with you, memento’s from your journey together – your first date to your wedding day. It’s an opportunity to be creative.
Lighting a candle for loved ones that are no longer with us can be a warming sentiment.

Cake & Topper

We have seen some fantastic cakes, however a popular one at the moment is the naked wedding cake. It’s rustic and the beauty is in the unfinished look. By adding a wooden cake topper you can make almost any cake look rustic.


Florals play a massive part in the woodland wedding theme, they really set it off. Depending on the season you get married will depend on the flowers that are available at the time. Find a florist that has done this theme before, or shows you some examples that will ignite this theme. We love this florist, you only have to look at the website to know that they have this theme on fleek!


Props are great for photo opportunities, not just for the bride and groom but also your guests. You want them to get involved and plaster their photo’s all over social media too 😉

Masks –

We are absolutely in love with these masks, what says woodland wedding more than an animal mask. Fantastic for photos and fun for the day. These are top quality with a wide range to choose from. You can guarantee a conversation starter with these and dare to be different.

The bride and groom could get a wicked photo using these masks that would look awesome in their home after the day.

Large wooden letters

We have seen no end of light up letters at weddings, and albeit striking we then saw extra large wooden initials! Large wooden letters that fit perfect with the theme and if you feel arty why not try painting them yourself? These will look fantastic for a photo moment and after the wedding as a feature in your garden. They provide height and an obvious focal point that will draw your guests to go look.


All over this this decor and prop for a woodland theme. You can make one of these yourself and buy an iron on decal, but if you fear you will f…mess up that one chance you have to iron it on you can buy one ready made. These flags provide height and the obvious photo opportunity for you and your guests.


We have done full blogs to help you with gift buying so here is just a few examples of what you could buy that ties in with the woodland wedding theme:

Ushers, Groom, Best Man & the Fathers

The individual wooden cigar box is extremely poplar. It is rustic, a lovely keep sake and gives the men the opportunity to share a cigar together on the special day. This product has been our best seller from day one so we had to plug it.

Other items include, bottle openers, rocks glasses, socks …..

Bride & Groom

The bride and groom may have a gift list already, or have requested money for their honeymoon, home or new car – but if you want to surprise them with a little something why not try one of the following:

Memories Box:

It is nice for the bride & groom to have a memories box to keep special tokens of the day in a safe place. Have it personalised and make sure it is nice enough to have on display, what’s the point in hiding it away?

Photo Frame:

They will have the most wonderful photos taken of the day and they will also cost them an arm and a leg, buying them a nice photo frame means they are already set to display at least one photograph.

Bridesmaid, Maid of Honour, Bride & the Mothers

Most won’t struggle with what to buy here, it will mainly come down to reigning that urge to splash the cash in.


These are pretty light on the purse and fit in nicely with the theme. You can get some lovely ones that are personalised or if you really want to let it rain with the £50 notes go for Jo Malone in a scent such as peony and blush (nice wedding feel).


This is an obvious gift and always appreciated. There are many jewellers out there that offer personalised options and you can keep it woodland by picking options that are more rustic than polished.

In an acorn that is the perfect Woodland Wedding. We love to hear your ideas and suggestions so keep them coming.

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