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Candle Jar Reuse

Our candle jars are made from protective amber glass and once you have finished burning the candle the jar can be reused instead of recycled. For a video on how to easily clean your jars take a look on our Instagram. Unsure what to use the jar for? Here are a few...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Embers & Roots? Our business started from selling our handmade candles (embers) and wooden cigar boxes handmade by grandad Kevan (roots). What is frosting?  Frosting is a natural effect of using vegetable waxes, especially soy. The wax is trying to return...

Our Eco Efforts

We are always looking to do better, we aren't perfect, but the environment is at the forefront of our minds with every decision we make in embers & roots. Whether it is a new product design, workshop improvement or packaging - the impact on the environment is...

tealight sample box

Scent Your Space During a Lockdown

We have been in lockdown for just over a month and the effects of isolation may be affecting your wellbeing in numerous ways. Many have had to cancel or rearrange weddings and life events, some are having to ride the lockdown alone and the general lack of outdoor...

scent your space

Top Three Reasons to Buy Natural Wax Candles

The main natural wax we use is soy, as do many other candle makers. However, wax suppliers are super inventive and keep coming up with different natural waxes such as coconut, rapeseed & plant based additives. Why do we use natural waxes? Below are the three...

natural wax

Candle Care

CANDLE CARE  It is really important if you're going to burn candles that you know how to do so safely, and that is why we place these candle care tips on every product listing we do. Here are our candle care tips on burning candles cleanly and safely, to ensure you...

candle care

Why Give Personalised Gifts

When personalised gifts first made an appearance on our shelves (and screens) i'm sure some people thought it was just a phase. Years later they are still here and sales are still booming for these products. Why do you think that is? Well here's why we think you...

personalised gift

Why Should I Scent My Wedding?

  Scenting an event is a luxury and some may think an unnecessary cost to an already expensive event, so why should you scent your wedding? It has been said that invoking all five senses creates a memorable event and that includes the scent of the occasion....

scent your wedding

Healthy (ish) Hen Party Ideas

When you hear the words “hen party” I’m sure most of you picture a group of ladies, trying to hold each other up, in matching sashes with a trashy crown and veil on the bride-to-be. However, in this day and age, where looking after your health is all the hype, I...

The Wedding Decor Checklist

This could be the most challenging part of a wedding to organise. For some reason, the way you imagine it to look and how it actually looks in reality never quite tally up; unless you are well organised. However, how an event is styled will be the first impression for all that attends.

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