Scent Your Space During a Lockdown

Apr 22, 2020 | blog

We have been in lockdown for just over a month and the effects of isolation may be affecting your wellbeing in numerous ways.

Many have had to cancel or rearrange weddings and life events, some are having to ride the lockdown alone and the general lack of outdoor activity may be affecting your mood in general. 

Scenting your space ensures your environment is reflective of the mood you are seeking or feeling and you can easily change it to assist in your wellbeing. 

We carefully select our scents based on our customer feedback, burn and scent throw capability and most importantly their wellbeing benefits.

Here are some of the wellbeing benefits of some of our scents when deciding what candle to burn when scenting your space during a lockdown.

Energising – Lime, Basil & Mandarin

This scent is known to reduce tension and promote mental clarity. This mood enhancing scent is said to increase your vitality and focus making you more alert and energised.

So if you feel your mind working overtime and you need to be uplifted then take some deep inhalations of lime, basil & mandarin. 

Relaxing – Black Jasmine

This scent is said to be a natural sedative and can support better sleep. This serene, relaxing scent is known to help alleviate strain and anxiety, helping the body to unwind.

If you are looking for a moment of tranquility during lockdown, then a dose of black jasmine may just do the trick.

Reinvigorating- Fig

The scent of fig reflects the natural forest-like smells of the outdoors. It is said that the outdoors reduces depression, anxiety and fear.

If your one-a-day exercise isn’t enough then bring the outdoors inside with the scent of fig.

Calming – Clary Sage & Coriander

Clary sage has a woody, herbal scent and is known to ease tension with its calming abilities and helps control cortisol levels. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. High cortisol levels may increase your risk of anxiety and depression.

If you are looking to create a calming space then clary sage & coriander will melt the tension away.

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