Candle Jar Reuse

Oct 27, 2020 | blog

Our candle jars are made from protective amber glass and once you have finished burning the candle the jar can be reused instead of recycled. For a video on how to easily clean your jars take a look on our Instagram.

Unsure what to use the jar for? Here are a few of our ideas:

Plant Cuttings – for the green fingered warrior, the jars are perfect for placing your plant clippings to establish roots.

Bath Salts – for a minimalist, stylish look in the bathroom the large 500ml jars are fabulous for refilling with bath salts.

Pen Pot – we use the jars as pen pots all over the workshop in both the mini and medium sizes.

Jewellery Pot – instead of a jewellery box store your rings and gems in a jar. The mini jars can also be used on your travels to keep your jewellery safe.
Tooth Brush Holder – the medium jar is just the right size to hold toothbrushes.
Baby Teeth – did you know doctors are urging parents to keep their children’s teeth? Pop them in a mini pot and you will have your babies first teeth forever.
Aspirations Jar – keep all your aspirations and goals in one place. Writing your aspirations down and reminding yourself of them is the most successful method of goal achievement.
Piggy Bank – saving for something special? Use the large jar to stash your cash or the smaller jars to store your coins
Button Holder – keep all those spare buttons in one place.
Garden Seeds – continuing with the green theme, label up your empty jars and store your flower and vegetable seeds. Your shed will look organised and uniform.
Matches Holder – wanting to show off your extra long candle matches? Pop some in the smaller jars and have them on display and easily to hand.
Posy Pots – make some simple flower displays for your home using flowers from the garden.
Decorate – feeling creative? why not try painting the pots …. and get the children involved.


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