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Jul 1, 2017 | blog


We all know how difficult it is to buy for a man in general, but to buy for the groom/ husband to be, on the most special day of his life …. and his BFFs!!! Pressure!

Firstly, start with your budget. Do you want to wow him with expense or with thought?

If you’re going for expense then sod it roll out the Rolex, but let’s face it we aren’t all rolling in the dollar dollar bills.

Ask yourself, what does he like to do? A few things spring to mind… football, golfing, gaming, but unless you’re wanting to buy him the latest Grand Theft Auto you’re going to have to think again.

We would suggest looking for something thoughtful, something that the Groom, Best Man and Ushers can retain as a keepsake.

We are not saying that they need their hair and make-up done on the day, unless they are so inclined and in fact, in this day and age, it might actually be an expense you have to budget for.

However, a small token for them all to keep is a must and a good way to say thank you. You might think they won’t care, but trust us …. they will. As much as most men try to hide it they are slowly developing into modern day emotional creatures, granted still with rough edges.

Top Picks

Our best selling gift from day one has been the individual personalised cigar boxes. Not every man smokes, but the idea of all the men in the bridal squad sharing a moment over a cigar could be a memory that never fades. Trust us, the men have gone nuts over these. 

wooden cigar box

Trying to watch the budget? Go for a personalised cigar cutter with a cigar instead.

If you’re going to do a box of any description, whether it be for memories, wine, whisky, beer…. Make sure it’s of good quality. There is nothing worse than a cheap box that feels like it is going to fall to pieces when you pick it up. A good box made from quality wood, should last a lifetime.

Whisky. It just needs a title of its own because we love the stuff. The main problem with buying your men booze is that they will probably drink it on the day and then it’s gone …. no memento. Adding a personalised tag to a small bottle adds a special touch, is pretty good on the wallet and they will probably take it home.

A crystal whisky glass or a personalised shot glass that they can all keep, might be something that they bring out on future occasions.  If they are the next Big Bang Theory geeks then a set of Avengers whisky tumblers or Star Wars is a winner.

Engraved Crystal Whisky Glassusher shot glass

A Lego style personalised Mini Fig These are simply hilarious and not overly expensive. What man doesn’t love Lego?


Splash the Cash

If you have some money set aside and want to buy really special gifts, then a couple of our favourites are: 

Cufflinks and tie pins; these are accessories that, will not only be used but, can be personalised as a remembrance. Plus, they usually come out on special occasions and men won’t usually put them at the top of their shopping list.

If you want to treat the groom Tiffany do a gorgeous tie pin as do Louis Vuitton with gorgeous cufflinks 

The Valentino Garavani Rockstud Wallet is for the fashionista and we all know that a good wallet, belt, watch and shoes are staple pieces in any man’s wardrobe.

A personalised Burberry Scarf we absolutely love these. If you’re having a winter wedding, this could be the perfect gift for the groom.

These are pretty costly, for what is in essence a comical gift, but a custom made bobble head would definitely spark as smile from the male bride squad.


If you are desperately running low on cash and want to buy something at low cost, here are our top suggestions:

  1. It’s currently the hipster craze to sport a beard – so some beard oil and a comb is, not only useful, but cost effective for those on a budget. Put it in a nice presentation box to complete the gift. 
  2. Personalised shot glass
  3. Personalised Coaster
  4. If you can’t afford the Mini Fig then Lego do an actual wedding favour set which is cheap as chips  .

5. Personalised Hip Flask

6. Beer belt

7. Bar blade or bottle opener, go for personalisation to make the token gift more special.

8. Personalised steak branding iron because we know all men love fire.

9. Socks – you can buy these that say groom, usher, best man at a low cost.

10. Friendship Bracelet, because Kem from Love Island made them popular again

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